Foxcroft Collection

The Foxcroft Collection started nearly 40 years ago, the story began with a single style: the iconic button-down shirt, impeccably tailored to meet a woman’s need for flawless fashion with easy-care functionality. Their signature apparel continues to represent an investment in feeling and looking your best, every time. Today, a modern woman’s lifestyle can include travel, to-do lists, work and entertaining - all in a single day. Contemporary designs that transcend time, every one of their styles is crafted to fit your busy life and make getting dressed effortless, every look - timeless. They created a beautiful fashion that lasts for years, keeping clothes in your closet for a lifetime. Meaningful self-expression begins with superior quality and finishes with the impression you leave long after you’ve left the room. They push fabric performance boundaries. Non-iron technology ensures shirts come out of the dryer ready to go. Wrinkle-free garments use flowing textures and prints that keep you looking polished from planes to parties. From the highest quality cotton to luxurious linen, every one of their fabrics keeps you looking and feeling Foxcroft Fabulous.